Split with Talk, Tired Thanatoid

by Panoramic

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A special split with our very best friends Talk, Tired Thanatoid from Mission Viejo. New year, new Pano. You can check out the other half of the split and also buy a CD or cassette copy from our other very best friends at Diy4Lyfe Records: diy4lyfe.bandcamp.com/album/panoramic-talk-tired-thanatoid-split


released January 4, 2016

Jon: Drums
Alex: Guitar and Vocals
Austin: Piano, Melodica, Bass, and Vocals

All tracking done at the old Tririlla Bunker (rip) in one night if I recall correctly.

All engineering, mixing, and mastering done by Jon Model of Tririlla Recordings



all rights reserved


Panoramic Fountain Valley, California

6/27 - 7/31

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Track Name: situations
you seem to think that i'm still a part of situations that i am not anymore
no i'm just collecting my things off the floor
and twist until you start to crack
until you start to feel
all of those words that you like to use

and you know me well
at least you should by now
cuz i've been on my best behavior and i'm trying to take this seriously
but it's slow at first and then will start to progressively speed up
and wear us down
and wear us out
Track Name: tell me i'm pretty
plan out my actions for me cuz i cannot make a choice and
tell me that i'm pretty cuz i cannot look at myself
and suddenly my foot is cramping
limping i am just as broken
as i start to think about my present

and man i am afraid of pushing everything that i
want to know that you are doing well but still alone in bed
still alone inside
as my forearm starts to itch and i am taken
back to all those times that i laughed and that i got upset
that i act jealous

kill all the cells in your head that still want to talk to me
maybe in a few months you will forget about them
and biting the inside of my mouth
my jaw off track with everything else
i hate to act this way but you are forcing me